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History Happy Hour: Solstice Magic

December 19 , 2019


Countless cultures have celebrated the Winter Solstice around the world for thousands of years. Today, in an increasingly commercialized society, many people yearn for traditions that bring us back to our ancestral roots and help us connect with energetic shifts that occur throughout the seasons. In this class, we’ll explore various ways the Winter Solstice has been celebrated over time and what these traditions offer us in the present. You’ll leave class not only with historical and cultural knowledge of the Winter Solstice but also a little magic to take home and incorporate into your own observances of this darkest day of the year  Tickets and info 

First Friday- Apocalypse Club

 January 3 , 2020


Join local art group Apocalypse Club as they unveil their latest works in Nox for First Friday. 

Paranormal Investigation: Haunted Rochester

January 9 , 2020


You’ve seen paranormal investigation shows on TV, but did you know that we have paranormal investigations going on right here in Rochester, too? Join us to get a glimpse into what paranormal investigators do, what separates the real world of paranormal investigation from TV and movies, and to find out why they do what they do. They’ll also share a brief summary of reported hauntings in and around Monroe county!  Tickets and info 

History Happy Hour: Witches & Witchcraft

January 16 , 2020


Humans have long believed in magic and that certain individuals, such as witches, can manipulate energy and the world around them. So why did magic become feared in medieval Europe to the point that witches were persecuted on a mass scale? In this class, we’ll explore the roots of magic and witchcraft in the west, how beliefs developed over time, and the turning point of the witch trials that vilified the practice of magic. We will also examine how the stereotype of the witch was created and its continuing impact on our understanding of witches and witchcraft today.  Tickets and info 

Magic the Gathering Release Party

January 17, 2020


Join just games for the latest release from Magic the Gathering.  Enjoy MTG themed cocktails, trade with players, join in games or even learn to play! 

Edgar Allen Poe Night at NOX

January 18, 2020


Come celebrate Edgar Allen Poe with Nox! Share your favorite works or listen to other people share theirs, enjoy some specialty cocktails and treats, and relax Poe style! Learn more.

Penny Sterling

January 19, 2020


History Happy Hour: Salem Witch trials

January 30 , 2020

 2 classes available: 5:30-7:00p; 7:30-9:00p

“The devil came to me and bid me serve him.” These words of confession sparked the Salem Witch Trials in 1692, igniting a series of accusations, interrogations, and executions that continue to entrance people to this day. Join in an exploration of these fascinating trials, as well as a discussion of how the story of Salem and portrayal of witches has developed over the past three centuries.  Tickets and info 

Just Poets

January 31, 2019


Monthly Reading and Jam Session-More info coming soon!

Recurring Events

Sundays-Geeks who Drink Pub quiz

Join us every Sunday at 7:30 for our weekly Pub Quiz with Geeks Who Drink.  Eat, Drink and get your quiz on.

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