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Just Poets Presents

August 15, 2019


Join us  Third Thursday for Just Poets Presents! Voices of Central New York: Laura Williams French and Rachael Ikins. This month we continue our mission of breaking boundaries, offering a platform to the under-heard and marginalized. 

Laura Williams French  published her first book of poetry, The Weight of a Box, in 2018 about the life and loss of her sister from a drug overdose. Her poetry has been featured in the Esthetic Apostle and The Scarlet Leaf Review. Her book of humorous short stories, Wigs, Cars and Sectional Sofas: Surviving Childhood in the 70’s, is forthcoming in 2019.

Rachael Ikins is a Multiple Pushcart and Central New York Book Award nominee, and a 2018 Independent Book Award winner. She is the author of six chapbooks, a full-length collection, a fantasy and a new mixed-genre memoir, Eating the Sun.

Just Poets Presents! is a “no donation required, no donation refused” event

Brlackfriars Theater Donor After party
August 17, 2019


 Are you a Blackfriar’s Donor/supporter?  You should be because then you can come to cool after parties at Nox!

Drinks and Dice
August 18, 2019


  Come join us for an evening of high adventure, low humor, and alcoholic drinks! Just Games is sponsoring a tabletop gaming night at Nox on Sunday night from 4 to close. You can bring your game, find a new game, or learn to play with our expert Dungeon Masters, they’ve got over 30 years of collective D&D experience!

New players need not bring anything except your imagination! We will provide pre-made characters and adventures for you to jump into.
For experienced gaming groups, we provide tables and a wait staff to take care of your food and drink needs. You can just grab a table for your party and go! 

Belly Dance Night at Nox

August 22, 2019


Watch and learn the art of Belly Dancing! 6 performances, open floor time, costumes for sale, prizes!

Tickets are only $5 


September 10-21

24 shows over 12 days!

Musical tarot reading, interactive murder mysteries, local and nationally renowned comics, thought-provoking dance, original theatre, astounding music and a one-of-a- kind children’s performance.

Check out our amazing lineup of shows: Info, times and tickets


History Happy Hour- Witches and Witchcraft

Septmeber 26, 2019


Humans have long believed in magic and that certain individuals, such as witches, can manipulate energy and the world around them. So why did magic become feared in medieval Europe to the point that witches were persecuted on a mass scale? In this class, we’ll explore the roots of magic and witchcraft in the west, how beliefs developed over time, and the turning point of the witch trials that vilified the practice of magic. We will also examine how the stereotype of the witch was created and its continuing impact on our understanding of witches and witchcraft today.

Please note: Each ticket includes one happy hour drink, or a non-alcoholic drink, of your choice. Drinks and mingling will take place from 5:30pm-6:00pm, and the class itself will run from 6:00pm-7:00pm. Students will also receive 10% off dinner at Nox the day of class.

 Tickets and info

Bossy Seminar

September 29, 2019


Real, honest and raw networking for women business owners.

Speed Dating- Singles networking ages 21-36

September 29, 2019


Put down your phone for a night and have a drink or some comfort food while you go on a series of six-minute “pre-dates!” You might just find your boo!

Register at to join us for this fun night out of speed dating.

Bring a female friend free to this event! Contact Melanie to get her registered or with any questions by texting 585-204-0149 or emailing

Happy Dating!

Recurring Events

Sundays-Geeks who Drink Pub quiz

Join us every Sunday at 7:30 for our weekly Pub Quiz with Geeks Who Drink.  Eat, Drink and get your quiz on.

Click here to learn more