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History Happy Hour: Women’s Heritage

March 5 , 2020


It’s Women’s History Month! Join us to explore the role of women throughout history and how their stories have been included (and often excluded) from the historical record. This class will also focus on the contributions of fascinating women throughout American history. At the end of class, we’ll open the floor for a group discussion on women in society today, shifting notions of gender, and how the history of women will be told in the future.   Tickets and info 

Tea Stain 6×6 Make Art Day at Nox!

 March 6 , 2020 (in the Main Bar)


Join Nox and First Friday for the annual 6×6 make art Day to see your future! 

You will have the opportunity to divine your future in art, with our Wizarding-inspired Tea Stain paper project!  Just like Divination class, participants will stain their own tea and create artwork out of their futures! 

First Friday Comedy at Nox

 March 6 , 2020


Every First Friday join Dario Joseph (Winner of Rochester’s Funniest, Brooklyn Comedy Fest) and Nox Cocktail Bar for a night of amazing comedy.
This month’s show features:
RJ Purpura (Funniest Person in Rochester 2016)
Malcolm Whitfield (The Hard Times)
Shirelle Kinder (Comedy at The Carlson Regular)

Grab your friends, a cocktail and have a whole bunch of laughs.   Tickets and info 

Telling the Tale: Roots

March 8 , 2020


PENNY STERLING hosts this fun and enlightening storytelling show featuring stories by performers from a wide variety of disciplines, all about a specific theme. It’s planting season and baseball season, so let’s talk about ROOTS!  Tickets and info 

Macrame Wall Hanging

March 11 , 2020


Macrame is back! Learn the basics of macrame with a modern twist while making a beautiful wall hanging on driftwood. This class will introduce students to common macrame knots and give them the foundation to start creating their own pieces. All supplies are included so participants can take their new creation home and hang it up right away!.  Sold Out

BOCES Game Night

March 13 , 2020


Join Your BOCES co-workers for a night of games, food and drink. 

Acrylic Painting

March 18 , 2020


Come to this class with a willingness to take a chance and clothes you don’t mind getting paint on! Walk away with a painting that you painted yourself. This class is taught in a demonstration style, where students are able to follow along with their own paint, brush and canvas provided by the teacher. While this is intended to be a beginner class, the techniques learned are invaluable and can be used over and over again.  Tickets & Info

The Cult of Heaven’s Gate: History Happy Hour

March 19 , 2020


In March of 1997, 39 members of Heaven’s Gate participated in a mass ritual suicide, believing that upon death their souls would be transported to a spaceship trailing behind the Hale-Bopp Comet. Ultimately, they hoped this act would bring them to a new level of spiritual existence. In this class, we’ll explore a brief history of cults to consider how they are created and why people join them. Then we’ll turn our attention to the cult of Heaven’s Gate and their final exit from planet Earth, as well as contemplate why they all wore the same pair of Nikes for this monumental event.  Tickets & Info

Lyrical Reads & Rhythm

March 20 , 2020


Info to follow

Singles Networking

March 25 , 2020


Take a break from online dating, and meet singles in Rochester face-to-face. You’ll go on a series of six-minute “pre-dates” in one fun night! If you’ve never speed dated before, you’ve got to give this a try!  Register Here

Just Poets- Open Mic

March 27 , 2020


Our Monthly Poetry reading and open mic night with Just Poets. 

Recurring Events

Sundays-Geeks who Drink Pub quiz

Join us every Sunday at 7:30 for our weekly Pub Quiz with Geeks Who Drink.  Eat, Drink and get your quiz on.

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