Craft Cocktails

House Imagined Cocktails

The Bell Jar

four roses bourbon, allspice, walnut, cherry, ginger

Dorian Gray’s Halo

cayuga gold barrel-aged gin, laphroig, rosemary, clove

Frida and Her Monkey

pasote tequila, raspberry liqueur, sweet vermouth, lime

I am Groot

tommy rotter gin, blood orange, house cola syrup

Mr. Meeseeks’ Revenge

flor de cana rum, lemon, orange, blue curacao, tiki bitters


frozen falls vodka, salers aperitif,  peach, ginger, lemon, blueberry

House Targaryen

los amantes mescal, dry vermouth, orange, hellfire bitters

Classic Cocktails

Aperol Spritz

aperol, champagne, soda water

Champagne Cocktail

champagne, sugar, bitters

Cuba Libre

white rum, house-made cola syrup, lime


rum, lime, sugar


vodka, fresh grapefruit juice


rye, house-made ginger syrup, soda water

House Toddy

bourbon, honey-chamomile syrup, lemon, hot water

Tom Collins

gin, lemon, sugar, soda water