Comfort Food


Pan’s Labyrinth … half $8/ full$15

a changing selection of  creamery cheeses and house accompaniments

Criminally Addictive Chickpeas … $4

lightly fried chickpeas, dusted with cayenne and salt

Fritters a la Iceman … $10

breaded chicken strips with choice of dipping sauce

It’s A Trap! … $9

hand-cut fries smothered in a smoked gouda cream sauce sprinkled with bacon

Athens & Sparta vs. Persia … $11

garlic hummus, black bean hummus, and a seasonal humus, warm flatbread, and vegetables

Vlad Dracul’s Peppers … $10

grilled banana peppers stuffed with assorted cheeses, red onion, and italian sausage

Camilla’s Wings … $10

Battered and fried tofu bites tossed in house wing sauce and homemade blue cheese


Feed Me Seymour…$12 

romaine lettuce, spinach, charred lemon, deep fried goat cheese balls, toasted sesame seeds, dry roasted peanuts, and strawberry basil vinaigrette



Add marinated chicken or tofu for $3

Pan's Labyrinth & Et Tu, Bruté


House Fries

Side … $4    Basket … $8

house cut fries with your choice of 1 sauce with a side, and 2 sauces with a basket.

sauces include blue cheese, plain ketchup, spiced ketchup, rosemary aioli, sriracha aioli, miso ranch

Roasted vegetables … $4

ask about today’s offering

Approximately Heaven & Dr. Horse's Grilled Cheese


The Neil DeGrasse Tyson … $13

house made burger topped with smoked cheddar, maple smoked bacon, red onion, lettuce, kimchi pickles and miso ranch with choice of side

Law & Order: KFC … $13 

fried buttermilk chicken served on a house-made cheddar biscuit with shredded romaine, pickles, and house dressing with a choice of side

Lazy Jenny … $13

smoked and cured potted spam topped with a fried egg, green bean slaw, and spicy gaochang sauce with choice of side.


Camp Firewood … $11

make your own s’mores at your table, comes with graham crackers, 2 kinds of chocolate, seasonal fruit, and marshmallows

Dessert Drinks

The Doctors Nightcap…$11

vodka, coffee liqueur, sweet vermouth, creme de cacao 


 nox’s secret house recipe paying homage to Madame Rosmerta’s masterpiece 

High Street Drip…$11

bourbon cream, coffee liqueur, almond milk, bitters


monkey shoulder scotch, sweet vermouth, orange liqueur, honey, aztec chocolate bitters 



Noble House Mac n’ Cheese … $10

baked four cheese mac n’ cheese with fusilli pasta