Comfort Food

Dinner Menu


Please come up to the bar to order, thank you!




“Pans Labyrinth”

a changing selection of local cheeses, baguette, and house made accompaniments

ask about today’s offering

half 8/full 15


“Fritters a la Iceman”

breaded chicken strips with choice of dipping sauce



“Criminally Addictive Chickpeas”

lightly fried chickpeas, dusted with cayenne and salt



“Camilla’s Wings”

buffalo tofu wings served with homemade blue cheese



“Athens and Sparta vs Persia”   

garlic and herb, sweet chili sesame and carrot dill hummus, served with warm house made flatbread and fresh vegetables



“It’s a Trap!”

hand-cut fries smothered in a smoked bacon-gouda cream sauce, topped with parmesan and bacon bits



“Vlad Dracul’s Peppers”

grilled banana peppers stuffed with assorted cheeses and italian sausage served with buttered sourdough





“Et Tu Brute”…$12 

house caesar salad with grilled romaine, parmesan, romaine, bacon, and homemade croutons

Add marinated chicken or tofu $3


Pan's Labyrinth & Et Tu, Bruté


House Fries

Side … $4    Basket … $8

house cut fries with your choice of 1 sauce with a side, and 2 sauces with a basket.

sauces include blue cheese, house bbq plain ketchup, spiced ketchup, rosemary aioli, sriracha aioli, miso ranch


Roasted Vegetables…..$4

ask about our daily selection 


Approximately Heaven & Dr. Horse's Grilled Cheese


“Law and Order: KFC” … $15

fried buttermilk chicken served on a house-made cheddar biscuit with shredded romaine, pickles, and house sweet mustard served with a choice of house cut fries or roasted vegetables


“The Neil Degrasse Tyson”… $15

house made burger topped with smoked cheddar, maple smoked bacon, red onion, lettuce,  pickles and miso ranch served with choice of house cut fries or roasted vegetables 


“Dr. Horses Grilled Cheese” … $15

applewood-smoked bacon, sliced peach, red onion mayo with melted blue cheese and sharp cheddar served on sourdough with a choice house cut fries or roasted vegetables 


Campfirewood… $11

make your own s’mores at your table, comes with graham crackers, 2 kinds of chocolate, seasonal fruit, and marshmallows 


Dessert Drinks



The Doctor’s Nightcap

vodka, coffee liqueur, sweet vermouth, creme de cacao



 nox’s secret house recipe paying homage to Madame Rosmerta’s masterpiece



monkey shoulder scotch, sweet vermouth, orange liqueur, honey, aztec chocolate bitters