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Comfort Food

Happy Hour

5pm-7pm Everyday


b e v e r a g e   s p e c i a l s

local wine

red tail ridge, unoaked chardonnay; finger lakes


all apertif and classic cocktails


“Sherlock’s Mystery Punch”
changes daily


f o o d s p e c i a l s

“criminally addictive chickpeas”


daily flatbread

Kitchen Open 5pm-7pm



“Pans Labyrinth”*

a changing selection of local cheeses, garlic confit, cured meat, pickled veggies, baguette, and house made accompaniments

ask about today’s offering

half 10/full 18



“Criminally Addictive Chickpeas”*

lightly fried chickpeas, dusted with cayenne and salt




“Noble House Mac and Cheese”

four cheese macaroni and cheese topped with cheez its




“It’s a Trap!”*

hand cut po-tay-toes smothered in a gouda cream sauce, topped with parmesan and bacon bits




*Nox is pleased to offer a variety of gluten free and vegan options. We are not a gluten free restaurant so we cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur.


House Po-Tay-Toes *

Side … $5    Basket … $9

house cut fries with your choice of 1 sauce with a side, and 2 sauces with a basket


 ketchup, spiced ketchup, bbq, lemon garlic aioli, sriracha aioli, tangy ranch, feta aioli, basil aioli, sweet mustard



Roasted Vegetables…..$5

ask about our seasonal offering



Deep Fried Brussels…..$5

with house tangy ranch 

Pans Labyrinth; Fritters a la Iceman

*Kitchen Closes at 7pm*


“Camp Firewood”


make your own s’mores at your table, comes with graham crackers,  house made chocolate, seasonal fruit, and marshmallows 


“Moons of Kronos”


chocolate covered peanut butter balls